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I am mentally retarded cause mommas used to beat me with a wooden spoon and drink and snort coke while pregnant with me ya I have 2 mommas yous gotta problem with that, bitch I will rip your eyes out and skull fuck you until your brain is over my lake tardicaca shark sized cock, you cheese eating donkey fucking, sister banging, penis muncher, I am god, I am the master of your domain, I am William Shatner bitch. now that I got that out my system its time to got fuck myself.


well I with the video jumping turtle out I decided to make my own stop motion video sort of a homage to it, this video is not going to be spam there is still some work that has to be done need to add music and credits and what not.

Well im thinking about who will win in a fight a panda or a squirrel my guess is a squirrel but, what if we give that squirrel a peanut butter and smurf sandwich, hmmm fucking seagulls always eating my french fries. I need to pass some time too early maybe I should go fish for some squirrels and net those damn smurfs in my backyard fucking panda's and there bamboo eating attitude ill kill them all. Death to the whales except the narwhale cause they kick ass. FUCK

My new wife

2010-01-15 20:47:57 by SquirrelsRulez

well I would like to introduce you guyz too my new wife her name is isabella here is a photo of here now go jack off too her and ask your mom too help you ;D

My new wife


2009-10-16 17:46:04 by SquirrelsRulez

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I fail at life

try and beat it now bitches


2009-10-04 22:01:40 by SquirrelsRulez

I'll get you next time ObeaseFeline Next Time MuHAHAHAHA!!!!


2009-09-21 20:01:53 by SquirrelsRulez