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Entry #8

The Reason I am mentally retarded

2010-05-01 22:22:30 by SquirrelsRulez

I am mentally retarded cause mommas used to beat me with a wooden spoon and drink and snort coke while pregnant with me ya I have 2 mommas yous gotta problem with that, bitch I will rip your eyes out and skull fuck you until your brain is over my lake tardicaca shark sized cock, you cheese eating donkey fucking, sister banging, penis muncher, I am god, I am the master of your domain, I am William Shatner bitch. now that I got that out my system its time to got fuck myself.



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2010-05-01 22:23:40

I care deeply about what you have to say

SquirrelsRulez responds:

thank you now bend over and I will take you to brown town, cause its time to blow this fucker down, its time blow this fucker down to the ground now. prepare to meet the wraith of Kaan on Shatner action. Salmon on mackeral porn bitch. remember when I took that donkeys dick all the way up the ass and it cummed all over both of us and just started cumming everywere and we created quite the sticky situation. ah good times good times


2010-05-01 22:29:07

OH Yea, I love it when you talk dirty. Give it to me!

SquirrelsRulez responds:

bow chick a bow wow. oh yeah take like you want it bitch yeah take it hard, you know you want that lake tardicaca shark size cock up your sweet, tasty, tight ass. oh god im about to cum. oh gahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!. few all done look at all the cum its dripping everywere like the time we went to san fransico and you ran over all this people in market square oh you were a bad boy you needed a spanking that day. yum yum I love the taste of my cum and your ass all together think you can fist me really hard with my cum over your hand.


2010-05-01 22:34:06

Don't just tease me, PLEASE ME!!!!!!!!

SquirrelsRulez responds:

well than ill fist you and me at the same time than, here we go, oh god your ass feels so warm and wet inside oh same with mine, oh god your shitting on my hand that makes me so hot, oh yeah let me lick the shit off my hand, oh yeah taste so good oh god im cumming again its going everywere, oh get down im going to cover your entire face with yeah, you like the warm salty tasty of my cum dont you, you dirty little boy god how I love 12 year old boys so fresh oh Im done time for you to go home now ill talk to you tomorrow.


2010-05-01 22:50:05

I'm mentally retarded because I have a medical condition called dyspraxia. My doctors don't know what caused it.


2010-05-01 23:47:11

I am Squirrel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-05-02 00:19:43

If you are serious I am deeply sorry I plan on working at a place called Verlan if you havent heard of it; its a place where i would take care of people who are disabled like you or other as I have always been very upset about the way things happen and people lives and childhoods can be taken away due to somthing they didnt have anything to do with, I just think that they deserve a better life. I am already donating 55% of my paycheck directly to a disabled charity.

I am very sorry

- James